Jaw Crusher

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Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher

JW series jaw crushers developed by ® Camelway feature light weight and easy operation. These durable crushers designed by the MP (material processing department) use the hydraulic control system to easily and quickly adjust the sizes of pilled-in selvedge discharge openings. To make the design applicable to the a structure, wheel structure and stationary assembly model, these crushers also use heavy-component assembly to simplify(optimize) operations and extend the service life.

Product Description

Advantages and Characteristics:

1. Long service life, low maintenance rate and low operation cost: The solid(strong) frame design, the large-diameter forged shaft, and the main shaft with no thread and processed with sharp radius minimize stress concentration.
2. Quick to install: High assembly and applicability facilitate fixed and mobile structure installation. (facilitate installation for fixed and mobile structure)
3. Easy adjustment: The main crusher frame is internally equipped with hydraulic wedge blocks to adjust the sizes of discharge openings.
4. Easy maintenance: The jaw plates are secured(fixed) by the mechanical wedge block system to prevent operators from touching the front and rear bolts on the main crusher frame(of the main crusher).
5. Stable operation and short downtime: The high-precision (casting) movable jaw support plate, the toggle(rib) plate non-lubriaion, and the self aligning roller bearing and high-strength main shaft design ensure equipment stability, which is widely known in the industry.
6. Evenly distributed crushing force of jaw plates and machined jaw plate positioning.

01 Main Frame Structure:

High-strength main frame structure design can undergo tests under various severe conditions. The main structure is a full-bolt-locked, dowelled joint and 4-piece structure. All structures at the front and rear ends are made of high-strength cast steel, while the lateral plates are made of high-strength structural steel plates. The high-load solid design without welding can accurately arrange key parts.

02 Adjustment of Pilled-in Selvedge Discharge Openings:

The pilled-in selvedge discharge openings of crushers achieve infinitely variable control through the hydraulic-driven wedge block system and the tensioning lever spring, with no gasket used. The wedge block system is installed in the crusher frame, while the hydraulic station with control buttons is loaed beside the crusher.

03 Main Shaft:

The large-diameter main shaft made of hardened and tempered steel alloy is applicable to heavy equipment. Surface finishing prevents thread line and sharp radius due to stress concentration. The main shaft has high fatigue resistance.

04 Bearing:

Both the movable jaw support plate and the main structure use the high-strength bearing design with self-aligned double row rollers.

05 Jaw Plate:

High-quality manganese steel casting and jaw plate bilateral replaceable ensure the service life of jaw plates. The machined jaw plate back can firmly support these jaw plates. All series of jaw plate profiles have matched manganese alloy content to ensure the maximum crushing performance and the longest service life of jaw plates and to reduce the operation cost.

06 Jaw Plate Fixing:

Jaw plates are secured(fixed) by the wedge block locking system to prevent operators from touching the front and rear ends of the main machine when the jaw plate bolts are locked.

07 Equipment Strength:

The JW series single-toggle jaw crushers designed by T-Company based on its many years of production experience are applicable to heavy and continuous load operations in the mining and quarrying industry. The movable jaw and the main structure, which use the heavy bearing design with self-aligned double row rollers, include the heavy alloy forged shafts, the movable jaw support plates for casting, and the main structure with heavy bolt assembly and dowelled joint.

08 Toggle Plate:

The toggle plate traversing the bracket flat surface produces no friction or polishing to ensure minimum friction. The toggle plate system has the following characteristics:
1. Require no lubriaion.
2. Process high crushing force.
3. Extend the service life of the jaw plate and bracket.
In addition, the jaw plate provides the fuse protection function to automatically disconnect for protection when the materials that cannot be crushed enter the crushing cavity.

Product Parameter

model JW40 JW42 JW55
motor 120hp (90kW) 150hp (110kW) 200hp (150kW)
openning 1000 x 660mm 1070 x 760mm 1415 x 820mm
weight 11,820kg 17,300kg 23,000kg
discharge openning 50 – 165mm 75 – 200mm 88 – 225mm
capacity (t) 85 – 325 135 – 430 230 – 680
adjust device hydraulic wedge hydraulic wedge hydraulic wedge
frame bolt connect/casting bolt connect/casting bolt connect/casting
lubricant system greese greese greese

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