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    Project-Process Management System

    P2M is committed to addressing issues of task development, assignment, tracking, monitoring and control, etc. in R & D process management, scientific
    research project management and production management and control. Users can define task decomposition and task properties like time, logic, data and
    news directly and conveniently. With its powerful engine, tasks can be assigned and tracked through LAN and WAN. Users can monitor, analyze and
    make statistics of task execution status in task management system.

    Main Features of P2M:
    1. P2M can monitor, analyze and make statistics dynamically and in real-time of R & D process management task, scientific research project management
    task and production management and control task with project -process management integration technology, as well as seamless integration technology.
    2. P2M not only provides functions of key path, baseline management, resource utilization rate analysis, working hour management in project
    but also offers process modeling, process driven, process monitor and other functions in process management.
    3. P2M can define hierarchical and chronological relations between different tasks, furthermore, it can even define data flow between different tasks, such as
    parallel, judgment (if…else), feedback, circulation and other complicated logic to meet requirements in making any complicated task planning
    4. According to task properties, the task engine can determine when and whether to assign tasks and data packet automatically.
    5. P2M can track task execution status dynamically and correlate with engineering data management system-EDM as task delivery management.
    6. P2M offers multi-functions in task visualization, such as Gantt, process control chart, data process chart, etc.
    7. With P2M, users can customize and manage templates in R & D process, scientific research project and production control. Task planning can be
    made automatically by using these templates.
    8. P2M can integrate Project, OpenPlan and many other planning tools.

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