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    Template Development Environment/Integrated Design Environment

    TDE/IDE is committed to addressing issues of software tools integration in regards of product design, analysis, simulation and optimization in the R & D
    process of manufacturing industry, which aims at improving design efficiency, lowering software use requirement, realizing knowledge capture,
    encapsulation and reuse, as well as to form knowledge modules in knowledge engineering.

    Main Features of TDE/IDE:
    1. TDE/IDE Offers software encapsulation mechanism for many kinds of software, such as CAD(CATIA/UG/ProE), CAE(ICEM/Patran/An-sys/Nastran/
    Fluent/CFX), CAO (iSIGHT/ModelCenter), Matlab , Fortran program, C program, etc., supporting encapsulation of the operations and processes of such
    software tools into knowledge modules. The knowledge modules can be further assembled and encapsulated.
    2. The import/export of knowledge modules and graphical interface are customizable in TDE/IDE.
    3. Third-party software can be embedded in TED/IDE.
    4. TED/IDE can define the control logic and rules in design process, which can be used for recording and expressing process relations in engineering
    design process.
    5. TDE/IDE offers data mapping mechanism, which can be used for recording and expressing data relations between design objects.
    6. TDE/IDE can encapsulate knowledge modules, process relations and data relations into software package.
    7. TDE/IDE offers knowledge modules management mechanism.
    8. TDE/IDE offers guided integration design mechanism.
    9. TDE/IDE offers commonly used data display functions, such as curves, surfaces, histogram, etc.
    10. TDE/IDE offers interface for product data management software (PDM).


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