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    Academician Lu Yongxiang’s Visit to Sysware for Inspection and Guidance

    Release time:2016-05-17

    On April 22nd, former vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, Lu Yongxiang, the former dean of Chinese Academy of
    Sciences and academician of the two academies (Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering) visited Sysware headquarters in
    Beijing for inspection and guidance. He was accompanied by Vice Chairman and Secretary Zhang Yanmin and Vice Chairman Yang Haicheng from the
    China Mechanical Engineering Association.

    Li Yizhang, the Chairman of Sysware, and the company's top management team warmly welcomed academician Lu Yongxiang and his party, and
    introduced the company’s profile, core business, and innovative drivein detail.
    Subsequently, academician Lu Yongxiang took photos with all people present...


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