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    LI Yizhang

    Founder and Chairman of the Board
    Majoring in mechanical design and manufacturing of Aircraft Engineering Department,Li Yizhang is an excellent marketing expert, leader of insight, and
    business manager with richtheoretical knowledge and practical experience.
    Mr. Li Yizhang received a bachelor's degree from the Beijing Institute of Technology in 1994. He once served as sales representative for ATE in the United
    States, manager of aviation andprocess industry business department, manager of aerospace business department and sales director of China. In June
    2006, he established the Beijing Sysware Hi-tech System Technology Co., Ltd. (now called Beijing Sysware Tchnology Co., Ltd). He is the legal representative
    of the company and chairman of the board.

    SU Chao

    Vice President of Management

    Majoring in aero-engine, Mr. Su is an excellent manager who contributes to information technology projects of many high-end manufacturing enterprises
    in China.


    Mr. Su Chao graduated from Beihang University and received a bachelor's degree. He worked as an engineer in China North Industries Group Corporation
    and China Xinhua Airlines respectively and sales manager in Youxin Technology Company. In May 2007, Mr Su Chao joined Sysware and served as sales
    director and regional manager.
    He is currently vice president in charge of the operation and management of the company.

    MA Tao


    Vice President of Sales

    With master degrees in manufacturing engineering and computer science, Ma Tao excels in system engineering methods and software engineering. Mr.
    Tao has contributed to the process of industrial upgrade for many Chinese customers.

    Before joining Sysware, Mr. Ma Tao has over ten years of sales experiences with the IBM company,where he was responsible for the promotion of
    business consulting services and software development and project delivery. He successfully helped IBM win wide recognition in the target base of
    Chinese customers.
    In February 2016, Ma Tao joined Sysware as the heads of sales strategy and comprehensive business promotion.

    XU Xin


    Vice President of Platform R & D

    With a 12-year mechanical engineering educational background, Xu Xin has a good command of mechanical techniques as well as knowledge and
    methods of computational mechanics. Mr. Xin knows the theory and knowledge of software engineering and has a deep understanding of the
    combination of information technology and engineering technology.


    WANG Jiang


    Vice President of Projects and Services

    Majoring in aircraft design, Wang Jiang is an expert in high-end manufacturing enterprise information consulting,platform construction, and
    information system project management.

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