How to upload code on Google code

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In this post I will explain about how to store or upload your project source code to Google code.Google code is a very popular service offered by Google for storing your projects online. You can  upload your complete project source code to Google code. If you want to host your scripts for free without paying even a single penny for hosting then Google code is the best choice for you.
How to upload code to google code 

Uploading your code to Google code:

  • Go to Google code website.
  • Login with your Google id.
  • After login go to bottom of the page and click on Create a new project option.
Store code in google code

  • At the next page fill appropriate details of your project in the given form and click Create project option.
create new project with google code

  • After that you will be redirected to your project home page.
  • Click Downloads option.
 Project home

  • Click on New download option.
Create new project

  • At next page fill the details of your  project , upload your project file and click on Submit file option.
upload project to google code

  • Enjoy.

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