How to get Facebook App ID

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Facebook is a very powerful social networking service. There are millions of active users are present in facebook database. These facebook users can be used as a good traffic source for our website or blog. but for turning these facebook users into our blog visitors we need to add some facebook plugins to our blog. Some of the popular plugins are  like box,  like button, share button, recommend bar etc.


Why do we need Facebook developers App ID ?

App ID is a unique identification number for our created facebook application. We do not need App ID while using normal widgets like facebook like box or share button but while creating some advance plugins like activity feed plugin, recommend bar  etc we need to specify our App ID. Without App ID these plugins will not work properly So for using these advance tools we need to create a unique App ID for them.

Getting your Facebook developer`s  App ID 

   1.  Log in to your Facebook account and go to Facebook Developers.
   2. Click on Register Now on Top right corner.

Register on facebook developers
   3.  Follow the simple steps to complete your registration.
   4.  After completing your registration you are ready to create your App ID.
   5.  Click on Apps option in the header of the website.

Facebook applications

   6.  New page will open. Click on Create new App option.

Creating new facebook app

   7.  After that enter your App name in a pop up box and click Continue.

Configuring your facebook app

   8.  At the next step fill the words shown in the image in a given box and click Continue.
   9.  Your App Id will be generated and displayed on next page.

Generated app id

   10.  Copy this App ID and fill your website address in App domains field.
   11.  Save  the changes .
   12.  Now you can use this App ID while adding facebook social plugins to your website.

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