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Share buttons are one of the popular blogger widgets. There are various types of share buttons are available for blogger platform. Most popular types of share buttons are floating share buttons and the under the post share buttons. This post is about adding  new  amazing slide out share buttons under the posts in your blogger blog. These share buttons are provided by Shareaholic Website. These buttons are very attractive in design. When user hovers mouse over them, they slide out of your blog`s surface by creating a beautiful effect.


Share buttons for blogger posts


Purpose of adding share buttons to your blog

Share buttons allows your blog visitors to share your blog articles on their social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. In this way these buttons helps in spreading your voice over millions of people over the internet. They also helps in increasing traffic and popularity  of your blog. If you do not have share buttons installed on your blog till now then you must install these buttons because you are losing your valuable social network traffic without these buttons.


Features of ShareaHolic Share buttons

As we told earlier these buttons are provided by ShareaHolic website . These Share buttons are loaded with lots of features. You can share your blog content in a single click of mouse by using these buttons. They are very lightweight so they do not effect loading speed of your blog. The main feature of this widget is that you can share your content to hundreds of social networks right from your blog.


Getting code for share buttons from shareaholic website

  • Visit Shareaholic website.
  • Click Shareaholic for your blog option.

Shareaholic share buttons for blogger


  • At next page Select Share buttons option.

Add share buttons to blogger posts


  • Now select Sign up to get free share buttons option.

Sign up for share buttons


  • Enter your Email address and Password and click on Create your account option.


Sign up a shareaholic


  • At next page fill your website address and name in the given boxes.
  • Click Continue option.
  • Share buttons configuration screen will open.
  • Fill the name of your application in given field.
  • Configure your share buttons according to your choice.
  • Select your required social services for your share buttons.
  • After customizing the share buttons click on Save settings option.

Get share buttons code



  • After clicking Save settings option. Final code for the share buttons will appear in pop up box.
  • This final Code will appear in  two parts.


Code for share buttons

Adding Share buttons below posts in your blogger blog

  • Open your blogger dashboard.
  • Select your blog.
  • Select Template option.
  • Click Edit HTML option.
  • Copy the upper portion of the final code which contains script of the share buttons.
  • Paste this code just above </head> in the template code of your blog.
  • Now copy the Second portion of the code.
  • Paste this code just below the <data:post.body/>
  • Save the template and you are done.
  • Now share buttons will appear below the posts in your blogger blog.


  1. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts.Thanks alot for good sharing.
    website design

  2. Great post...I need to learn how to add the vertical share buttons like you have.

    1. read this post for vertical share buttons

  3. the problem is I can't get blogger to take my twitter handle. So in the code I took out @shareholic and put in my name, but when using the tool it still tweets via @shareaholic... any idea how to resolve?

    1. By using these share buttons every visitor of your blog can share the posts to their twitter network. It is not for your personal twitter account only.

  4. kindly tell me can i copy 2nd snipped code to every () part

  5. Hi Sir
    I did all the steps above and everything worked fine But when i tested the share buttons, it doesn't focus on the post it shares something else like an image or an author box widget but it doesn't share the post and it's url and title !! any help please

  6. Hi, i've just installed the app and it seemed all right, but the problem is:
    if i want to share the current post, the application will share me an old one.
    why is that? any idea? i'm interested in sharing current post, not old.

  7. sir, ShareaHolic Share buttons Display in homepage?... How i Disable? Thank You For Your


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