4 websites for adding Social sharing buttons to blog or website

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Social media is a critical factor in the success or failure of a website or blog. If you want to make your website or blog successful then you must use the power of social media. This can be done by increasing your social media presence and your social media following. Both the things can be increased by sharing quality content on your social networks. Here comes the concept of social sharing buttons. These buttons helps your visitors to share quality content of your blog on their social networks in a single click without even leaving your blog. In this post we will talk about four popular websites which provides social sharing buttons for any website or blog.



Shareaholic service was started back in  2008. It is a  popular content discovery and sharing service available on the web . It provides various types of share buttons and related posts widgets for your blog and website. By using these share buttons you can share your content to hundreds of social networks. Integrating shareaholic buttons in your website or blog is very easy. In our previous post we have also explained that how to add shareaholic share buttons to your blogger blogs.

Shareaholic share buttons

Features of Shareaholic

  • It provides stylish share buttons and content recommendation widgets for free.
  • You can share your content to hundreds of social networks using these buttons.
  • These buttons are very lightweight so they do not effect the speed of your site.
  • Adding these buttons to your website is extremely easy.



Addthis is the most popular  content sharing service having Google PR 10. It provides lots of tools for sharing content on your blog or website. Along with share buttons AddThis also provides other widgets like  Welcome bars, Follow buttons etc .

Addthis share buttons

Features of Addthis

  • Provide share buttons in different styles
  • Get free widgets like notification bars, trending content etc.
  • Attractive design of the widgets.
  • Easy to integrate into website or blog.
  • One click share to hundreds of social networks.
  • Fast loading time.



ShareThis is another good content sharing service available over the internet. It  provides beautiful and attractive share buttons for your website or blog. It does provide other tools like welcome bars, trending content etc but if you want to add only share buttons to your blog or website then   sharethis is a nice option for you.

Sharethis share buttons

Features of ShareThis

  • Attractive share button design .
  • Integration of buttons to website or blog is very easy
  • One click share.
  • Provides lots of online services to share your content.



AddtoAny is a good content sharing service. It is providing it`s content sharing services since 2006.  It only provides share buttons. It does not have any other tools like welcome bars, recommendations widget etc.

Addtoany social share buttons

Features of AddtoAny share buttons

  • Clean and simple design.
  • Easy integration
  • Fast loading time
  • One click share.
  • Share your content to hundreds of social networks.

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