How to add Google analytics to blogger

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Google analytics is great tool for tracking traffic stats of a website or blog.It gives detail description of the traffic to your blog like unique visits, total page views, area from which your blog is visited, traffic from social media , referrer traffic, direct traffic etc. It provides detailed monthly, weekly or even hourly reports of your blog`s traffic statistics.By using Google analytics you can also monitor your blog`s traffic in real time.It is very easy to add this tracking system to Blogger blogs. This guide is about adding Google analytics traffic  stats tracking system to  Blogger blogs.



Part 1: Get Tracking ID

  Google analytics

  • At the next page enter your Gmail id and password.
  • Click on Sign In
 Enter your gmail ID

  • At next page click on Sign up.
  Click on Sign up

  • Next page is about your blog details.At this page enter  complete details of your blog and Click on Get Tracking ID .
  •  After that an agreement will appear click on I accept to continue to next step.

Enter your Website details
Get Google analytics tracking code

  • After that Tracking ID for your blog will appear .Copy that Tracking ID.

Add google analytics tracking id to blogger

Part 2: Adding Tracking ID to Blogger.

  • Go to your Blogger dashboard.
  • Select your Blog.
  • Click Settings
  • Under Settings menu Click Other
  • At the bottom of the page find Google Analytics option.
  • Paste your Tracking ID in the Analytics Web property ID box and Click on the Save settings on the top right corner.

Add Google analytics to blogger

  • Congratulations you have successfully add Google analytics traffic tracking system to your blog. Now you can start tracking your blog`s traffic stats after 24 hours.

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