Add share buttons below posts in blogger

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Social share buttons are very important for any blog. These buttons helps in increasing the popularity and traffic of the blog. By using these social  share buttons any blog visitor can directly share your blog content to social networks like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. In this way this widget also helps in improving the social status of any blog.This guide is about adding beautiful social share buttons  below posts in blogger blogs.
share buttons below blogger posts

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  • Go to Sharethis website.
  • Now select Get sharing tools option.
get sharing tools

  • At the next screen select Blogger option and click Next Step 2: Pick a Style option.
Post Share buttons for blogger

  • Now select a style for share buttons and click next. You can select any style of your choice.
style for share buttons

  • Next page is about customization of the widget. At this page you can add your required sharing services to your share buttons like facebook share, twitter, Google plus etc.
  • When you finished customization of share buttons then click on Finish: Get the code option.
  • A pop up box will appear which asks for registration .Just click on No thanks just give me the code option.
  • At next screen select Multipost option and click on Go button.
  • Now your blogger page element screen will open. Click on Add Widget option.

Add social share button to blogger

  • Now your blogger page layout will open . Select share this widget and drag it to below posts widget and Save the arrangement.

Add social share buttons below blogger posts

  • Congratulations you have successfully added social share buttons to your blog.

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